The Cultivator is our most important client and provides life to our entire industry.  Without producers, the world would halt tomorrow.  We are here for those men and women who produce day and night.  If a product doesnt exist and a cultivator needs it to get the job done, we will custom build it from scratch. 
Made is USA is the stamp we would like to see on most if not all the cultivation equipment we provide our clients.  Try our "Made in USA to Cultivate in the USA" line of tray stands.  We can stand on ours.  Try that on a "Made in China" tray stand. 
Quality is our mantra and excellent service is our mission.  Let us know how we can help your organization's next cultivation project.
123 Grow Highlights:
- Hydroponic Equipment Supplier since 2011
- Founder an Indoor Cultivator Since 2001
- Additional Services include Facility Design and Cultivation Consultations.
- Custom Soil Mixes available from our partners Royal Gold.  Try "Carl's Mix" for maximum results Indoor or in your favorite Greenhouse.
- Carl has attended the Soil Food Web Workshop including Microscope training with Elaine Ingham on multiple occassions.  We do offer organic growing methods based on these principles.
- Our clients range from the micro brewer cultivator of 20 1,000 watts to the large scale cultivator of +50,000 square feet.  Working with passionate people is more important to us than the size of your cultivation. 
"Indoor Cultivation is the perfect marriage of plant, man & machine"
"We have been in business since 2011, establishing a reputation for excellent service and a nearly perfect track record providing for small to large cultivation sites.  We can design, equip and provide cultivation consultation to see your project from seed to harvest if necessary. Please get in touch to find out more and to arrange a meeting." 
 -Carl Drake